Time to face facts.
Summer is almost over... 

Kids are headed back to school,
routines are getting back on track.
Time to get you back on track!


Your kickstart is here! 

We get it.

Summer means BBQ's, patios, sugary drinks, cervezas, camping, cottaging, and all the other wonderful things! Fitness takes a back seat to all the fun summer has to offer.

So now you don’t have energy. Your self-confidence is low. It’s hard to look at where you used to be and realize how far down the rabbit hole you’ve gone. You're putting off getting back to getting active. You glare at the salad in your fridge as your reach for another hot dog.

Hot Mama is here to give you the kickstart you need.

It's ok to go off course, but what’s not okay is sustaining those habits. What’s not okay is giving yourself permission to continue on and sink deeper into your rut. What’s not okay is feeling terrible in your skin. Right? It’s a vicious cycle. The further you get off track, the harder it is to get back on.

Back on the Bandwagon was designed to SHOVE you out of your rut and help you get back on track and working towards healthy, active living.

"I have done Ignite and Body Smarts twice, and was so excited to try this! In the past 10 days, not only was I reminded how easy it is to incorporate healthy meals into everyday life, but I also sweated my butt off doing some amazing workouts! 10 days! Everyone can commit to that!"
- Kimberly Dyble‎

What is Back on the Bandwagon?


Ohhhh...good question!

Back on the Bandwagon a 10-Day Reset Program. You’ll get workouts, nutrition guidelines, daily challenges and support...all designed to kick your a$$ out of the hole you’ve gotten yourself into and back on the fitness and healthy eating bandwagon.


Here’s what’s included:

10 days of workouts designed by our OHM (who has a PhD in Exercise Physiology) to help energize you, reset your metabolism and leave you feeling strong, capable and motivated.
Nutrition guidelines to help you break the booze, sugar and other nutritionally-poor choices you’ve been making (yes you have).
Daily challenges to not only inspire and motivate you but educate and empower you.
Support, like only the Hot Mama Support Squad can give.
How-to videos to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.
Lifetime access to the program.
Access to Back on the Bandwagon Support Squad FB Group (priceless)
Prizes, baby! But those are a secret and you need to register to find out what they are!
It’s time to get back on track. It’s time to refocus, reset and regain your confidence. 
It’s time to stop making excuses and just... GET TO WORK!
"As a single mom with two young kids there are always excuses to not exercise and not eat the best. Back on the bandwagon was exactly what I needed to get back on track."
- Carolyn Filiatrault

Meet the brains behind the program:


Your OHM (Original Hot Mama) has done it again! Here’s her reason for designing and developing Back on the Bandwagon:

This summer was...fun. And I mean...suuuuuuper boozy, relaxing, eat whatever the heck I wanted to eat fun. I don’t know why. But, I just let go. I lost my desire to workout. I wanted ALL the food ALL the time and I had a fun summer with my friends and my Palm Bays. 

But, I began to feel terrible. Really, really terrible. By the end of July, I was the heaviest I’ve been since I was pregnant (and yes, I know, I shouldn’t go on the scale), my clothes did not fit (thank goodness for maxi dresses) and my energy was incredibly low. I knew I had to do something.

A few years ago, I created our 28-Day IGNITE program. But, to be honest, committing to 28 days was too much for me to wrap my head around. So, I thought...I wonder if I can turn myself around with a really good reset program? Maybe then I could tackle a bigger goal like IGNITE.


The answer? Yes. Yes, I can!

I began to design Back on the Bandwagon. I started with the workouts and the nutrition guidelines but I quickly realized I needed more. I needed to practice gratitude. I needed to challenge myself in a different way every day. I needed to totally and completely distract myself from not drinking and eating whatever the heck I wanted.

I worked on the 10-Day reset for months. I tried it with a friend. And then, I tried it with 60 Hot Mamas (thank you BOTBW Test Crew!) and asked for feedback.

The response? Overwhelming. And awesome.

I’ve taken the Test Crew’s feedback and finalized the program. I’ve tweaked, added, changed, edited and culled. Back on the Bandwagon is now ready for YOU. It’s not just workouts. It’s not just nutrition. It’s a combination of exercise, food, gratitude, challenges and support.

I am BEYOND ecstatic with the feedback I received from our test crew. And, the suggestions I received from them have made this program bigger and better than I could have ever imagined.

So...do it. Join Back on the Bandwagon today. It’ll kick you a$$ and reset you...in 10 days. Trust me. It absolutely works.


Much love,
Your OHM, Lindsay

"The exercise portion offered the perfect balance of cardio and strength and I loved the wild and challenging RPE timings!! They showed me I can accomplish that which might seem out of reach!

All in all this will be a go to in my book of Hot Mama programs! "
- Shannon Laboucane


Q: Do I have to start on the suggested start date?

A: Nope. Not at all. You can start your 10-day Reset any time you’d like. BUT, we DO recommend you start on the suggested start date so you can go through the program with other Hot Mamas who have also been in a rut. There’s something about experiencing the program with others that helps lead to success, more laughter and perhaps a little commiserating.


Q: How long do I have access to Back on the Bandwagon?

A: Forever and ever. Once you purchase the program, you have access to it whenever you’d like by logging into your account. So, you can start the program again and again...whenever you feel you’ve gone off the rails again and need a boost!


Q: Do I have to post about my progress?

A: Nope! No way! The Support Squad is there to motivate and inspire you. You can participate in the FB Group as much or as little as you want. We do recommend you pop in every now and then as we’ll post recipes, how-to videos and more...also we’re super funny...and some days you may just need a laugh!


Q: What level of fitness should I be at before I register for BOTBW?

A: This program is considered a moderate to advanced fitness program. HOWEVER, that being said, most of the workouts are designed based on your own rate of perceived exertion. That means that YOU are in charge of how hard you work, so YOU work to the level you’re currently at. You can choose what parts of the workouts you’d like to do if it seems to be too much AND our Support Squad is there to answer any questions about modifications you might need.

"A 10-day commitment to healthy eating, a variety of amazing workouts and gratitude. The ideal way to give my mind and body a reset."
- Chris Jones
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